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The Executed Idea

Hello Everyone, talking to you after a long busy schedule. Actually I was busy working on my idea . Ya ya !! I know you are eager to hear about the idea.

About 2-3 months passed, I was at Hyderabad at my sisters home. She takes Lego classes for small age group starting from age 3 to age 7.  I have studied my engineering in I.T Specialization  and was working on Android App as Developer what keeps me happy and motivated. So I habit to observe the surrounding ,finding the problems and put up the solution for them. And main thing ,my mind is one messed with lots of different thoughts.

To have observation from hidden corner is harder. The best way to have observation and finding the problem can be possible only by communicating with the kids .Then analyzing the conversation and observation Finally made some conclusions and requirement where ready for implementations.

The Conclusions:

1. In time after the class gets over till kids parent comes ,I used play(experiment) with them. I used to show them objects and related to them with alphabets. so point was they enjoyed watching and relating the live objects rather than just showing 2d pictures (One View) like for a for apple, b for ball like below. So we were thinking of showcasing the objects in 3D View(Atleast kids can overview with different angles).


2. Some kids were observing the objects. They were eager to know more about it. They want it more.  Some kids loved to see things like ball bouncing, top is spinning and more. We thought of putting voice to the 3d things.

So ,Went on working with the conclusions  and come back with the Android Application for kids from which kids can learn alphabets with the objects close to reality things. We provided  speech talking about the 3d things .

Here is the App Link : Google Play Store Link and Do share with your friends and family. Hey !!! Don’t forget to put reviews for the app. Also Check This: LearnAlpha 3D Video

Thank You.

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