Run Daily Weapons From Terminal

There are lots of things around us we need while working on your Linux system. Like music player,pdf viewer,open office,eclipse,web browser, video player etc.

Lets start fun with some music:

Rhythmbox Music Player:

Help command: man rhythmbox

Run command: rhythmbox [song name with location] or rhythmbox




Eclipse Platform:

Help command: man eclipse

Run command: eclipse

Nautilus :

Help command: man nautilus

Run command: nautilus [location]

Example: nautilus ~/Music : It will open Music folder in home folder.


Help command: man firefox

Run command: firefox [website name]

Example: firefox

Gnome console calculator:

Help command: man gcalccmd

Run command:gcalccmd

Example:> 5+6

Output: 11

Totem Video Player:

Help command: man totem

Run command: totem [video_name_with_location] or totem

Image Viewer:

Help command: man eog

Run command: eog [image name with location] or eog

Webcam for Photo :

Help command: man cheese

Run command: cheese

Document Viewer:

Help command: man envice

Run command: envice [file name with location] or envice

Example: envice ~/Documents/abcd.pdf

LibreOffice Writer:

Help command: man lowriter

Run command: lowriter

LibreOffice Spreadsheet:

Help command: man localc

Run command: localc

LibreOffice Presentation:

Help command: man loimpress

Run command: loimpress

Alternative to command line for installling software is from:


Help command:man software-center

Run command: software-center

Photo Manager:

Help command: man shotwell

Run command: shotwell


To Try More Application ,First You need To Install It,

Application installation command is:

Command: sudo apt-get install <application name>

Application Uninstall with complete configuration  command is:

Command: sudo apt-get –purge remove <application name>

Application Uninstall commandif you want to re-install application in future:

Command: sudo apt-get remove <application name>

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