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Learn and Develope Android Application – Buyer and Seller System (Part – 1)

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I had many request related how to develope android app ? ,Which database required ?, How to integrate Firebase Cloud Messaging ?,  How to send messages or notification to user ? Do we need local database. If yes which database to use? and more. So from today for fews days we are going to work on small prototype buyer and seller system.

So, We will consider a system called Buyer-Seller Grain Selling App,

First Stage is Requirement Gathering – This stage is important before you plan and  get on coding .

Requirement for Buyer Seller Project is:

  • Buyer should have platform to buy the grains .
  • Seller should have platform to sell their grains.
  • Buyer and Seller should have track of previous sells and buys.
  • Buyer should get acknowledgement message of Grains on way of delivery process from Seller.
  • Admin should have facility to approve the buyers and sellers are authorized.
  • Admin should have handle over to restrict fields. like city seller,buyers belong to,grain limit to sell on platform.

Analyzing the requirement we will put into proper system as follows:

  • The End User for the System are Admin,Buyer,Seller.
  • To track each activity, and provide security we will provide Login to End Users.
  • Now we will look more at How will end users interact with System-
    • Part 1: Our Main focus is on Buyers and Sellers. So, We are going to create one App Interface for these end users.
      • Buyers and Sellers first register themselves with details and a verification code to the system via app interface.
      • Once the registration details submits. A request for approval of buyer and seller is send to admin.
      • Once admin approves ,the buyer and seller are free to login anytime.
      • Buyer :
        1. When Logins into the system ,he/she will be taken to buying screen to buy more grains.
        2. He/she should have track of old orders.
        3. When Order is done, he and seller will have a final message of the buying the sale.
      • Seller :
        1. When Login into the system, he/she will be taken to buying screen to sell more grains.
        2. He/she should have track of old sales.
    • Part 2: Our second user is admin. We are going to give admin an App Interface to add entries and approve the buyers and sellers verification.

System Architecture:


For Today, We end it here. Next post ,we are going to look database design.


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