A Change From A Newspaper “The Speaking Tree”

Eight simple lifestyle changes to create the shift:

  • We are what we read, watch and listen. Avoid reading newspapers and watching news channels first thing in the morning. Begin the day with 20 minutes of consuming a healthy emotional diet of spiritual of self transformation messages. Meditation and yoga practices enhance emotional health.
  • Detox form Social media by deleting even without reading,messages of bias, criticism or jokes showing someone in poor light.
  • In the middle of everyday chaos, avoid slipping to lower frequencies or negative thoughts. Pause for 1 min for every 59 minutes, with draw from your activity and observe your thoughts. Create the shift from busy to easy, stress to relaxation, worry to confidence.
  • Refrain from discussing or judging people’s habits. Thinking, talking or listening about other people’s weakness, cause our frequency level to drop.
  • Food carries vibrational energy and influences the mind before it nourishes the body. Meditating or praying while cooking and partaking food makes it saatvik (with high vibrations). Tamasik food carries low frequencies vibrations of harted, fear, anger, and death.
  • Earn money through rightful means. Clients, employers and co-workers should be comfortable and contented working with us. Creating high standards of work ethics raises the vibrations of the money we earn. This vibrations influences the emotional and physical health of our entire family.
  • Prioritise values and principles ,over assets and achievements. Teach children the same.
  • Before going to sleep,resolve issues that are on your mind. Forgive, let go of past hurt. Meditate and fill the mind with words of peace, respect and compassion. When we sleep peacefully, we radiate vibrations of peace to the world even during sleep.

Be the change to begin the begin the change:

When I stand up for ethics,

When I use peace,

When I use compassionate,

When I change,

Each Time The World Is Going To Change.

“Sanskar Parivartan Se Sansar Parivartan”.

Peace is Religion, Love is the Language, Truth is in action, Unity is the culture, and happiness is a way of life.


Thank You.

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